How to Upload your Photos and Videos

You can share your photos n videos from Nevis Range by uploading them to our community pages. If we like them, we'll include in the website!

Create your account

  1. Go to ning
  2. Click on the Sign Up link on the right hand side of the page
  3. Fill out the form!

Upload your images

  1. Get them all organised into a folder on your computer
  2. Ideally resize them to width of 1000 pixels. You can use shrinkpictures or irfanview 
  3. Once logged in, click Add content on top right of page
  4. Select images from the content options
  5. The image uploading page will appear
  6. Use the image fields to select up to 8 images to upload
  7. Click upload button, your images will begin uploading and may take some time depending on the size and number of images you're uploading
  8. Once they have uploaded, you will be presented with an Edit Photo screen. This will allow you to add a title, description and tags to your images. This is an optional stage which you can skip but adding this content will allow people to find your images more easily. Once you are done click "save"

Uploading Video

You can either upload your videos direct or simply embed them from another website such as YouTube or Vimeo.

  1. Once you are logged in click on the "Add content" option in the top right of the page.
  2. Select video from the content options.
  3. The video uploading page will appear.
  4. To upload your video directly just follow the same process outlined above for the image uploading. Please note files must be 100MB or smaller. We support .mov, .mpg, .avi, .3gp and .wmv file formats.
  5. Alternative to embed your video from another website just click "add video" below the YouTube and Google Video icons.
  6. Paste in your embed code and click "Add Video".

Adding photos and video via email or from your mobile phone

You can even upload images and video from your mobile phone, just email them to

Tagging Content

When you upload a new photo or video clip you can add tags. These are short descriptions that let other find your photos and allow us to quickly arrange them into appropriate groups. To add tags just separate them with commas. The tags we would like you to use to arrange content are:

Snowsports Images

  • Ski
  • Board
  • Park
  • Back Corrie

Mountain Biking Images

  • MTB
  • DH
  • Red
  • XC
  • 4X
  • WC09


  • From time to time we invite you to submit your photos and videos to our compeititons. Currently we have our Mountain Biking competition running and to include your images in this you must tag your content with 09bikecomp
Upload your own pics and videos