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Partners Information

Welcome to our web page specifically for our local partners.

We trust you will find some useful resources.  We welcome all feedback and suggestions.  To arrange a visit, or for any more details, please call Heather on 01397 705825 or email

Monthly Poster

Download your monthly poster here with all the latest info from Nevis Range

Postcode Change

Change to our postcode from PH33 6SW to PH33 6SQ

Your information on our Website

We launched our Mountain Bike website early 2009, the Snowsports website late 2009, and our main website September 2010.

Our customers asked us to provide more information to help them plan their trip. So we added accommodation providers, places to eat, activity providers and visitor attractions to our website.  We are working closely with the Outdoor Capital of the UK to provide this information and OCUK members are effectively now able to update their own entries on our website.  You can get more information on the OCUK on 01397 705765.

Daily Snow Conditions Report emailed direct to You

During the winter months, we update the Snow Conditions Report many times each day.  This is displayed on our website

On a daily basis, we email this to many local outdoor shops, accommodation providers etc.  If you would like a sample report, or to be added to this mailing list, please email Please note we only email this once per day, normally around 8.30am.  In the winter and on an ad hoc basis, we also email information on special offers and events to this email list.  In the summer, we would continue to email this ad hoc information.

Snow Conditions Report on Your website

With our permission, our Daily Snow Conditions Report can be embedded within your own websites.  The content is provided in an XML file and we are able to provide you with the location.  If you wish to look at this then please contact Heather on 01397 705825 or email

Webcam views on your website

You can add a link to our individual webcam images in your website.  You can see the Nevis Range website webcam page at

Please note that whilst we expect that the URLs for each image will stay the same, the images will change, as we try and represent the best possible conditions available.  The views will definitely change in the summer and the winter!!!  Please note if our Internet connection goes down, or its windy, the images either disappear or suffer, sometimes looking like they are out of focus if its particularily windy! 

The URLs for the 4 images are:

  • being changed (Marh 2014)

Please credit Nevis Range and include and link whenever you make use of these images.

Onsite Advertising Opportunities

We have a range of onsite advertising opportunities, ranging from inside the gondolas, to the back of our tickets ... and many more.  Please find a PDF outlining these opportunities below.  Please contact Heather for more details.

Onsite advertising at Nevis Range (PDF file, link opens in a new window)

Sample Menus

The Snowgoose restaurant & bar is at 650m up Aonach Mor beside Ben Nevis and is reached by the mountain gondola.  The Pinemarten coffee cafe bar is situated at the gondola base station with picture window views of the mountain.

Your Posters and Leaflets

We can display your posters / business cards from local accommodation and activity providers on our "Accommodations Board" which is located in the Gondola base station. We completely clear this board at the start of the winter season (December) and at the start of the summer season (April). So please provide us with new posters at the relevant time.


We run a wide range of events at Nevis Range.

Nevis Range Posters and Leaflets

We have a wide range of leaflets available for uplift. These include the following.   

  • Winter Climber
  • Winter Snowsports
  • Gondola & Mountain Experience leaflet
  • Mountain Bike leaflet
  • High Wire Adventure leaflet
  • Scotland Active Guide (Visit Scotland)

Press Pack

Please email for a copy of our Press Pack.

Cross Country Mountain Biking Information

We support which is a one stop shop for cycling in the OCUK.


We have a large supply of images available for use on your website or printed materials.  Some of our most popular images, optimized for web are below, please contact us if you require images optimized for print.

Winter Gondola  Summer gondola  Top Station winter 

Skier  Snowboard trick  Braveheart Chair

Mountain Biker  Mountain Bike World Cup  Great Glen Chair