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Stella's' Canine Partners' Challenge

Published: 01/05/2012

We were delighted to be visited by Stella Hewett and her canine partner Jenson (pictured with co-worker Dale) today as they took a gondola trip and morning tea to rais awareness for 'Canine Partners'. As part of her work Stella launched the Colour Wheel Appeal in the autumn of 2010 as a nod to her interest in quilting. The colour wheel refers to the groupings of colours that are harmonious together and other colours that might clash. In addition to a Junior Quilters’ Challenge, Stella has had money donated to her appeal from all sorts of fundraising events. From children donating their birthday money to a supporter taking on a skydive in New Zealand, funds have come in thick and fast, and the Appeal has already raised £20,000.

Stella is in the middle of her tour of Scotland, incorporating talks about her life with Jenson and quilting workshops. Stella’s goal is to raise enough to sponsor another dog for someone with a disability, as Jenson is sponsored already by a charitable foundation.

Find out more and get invloved in Stella's appeal and others like it here


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