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Scottish Six Day Trials


Come a spectate at this amazing event here at Nevis Range!!

The Scottish Six Days Trial is a Motorcycle Trial with a difference! It has the additional test of reliability over long distances with riders completing up to 100 miles each day over six consecutive days. Each day they will take on a combination of rough moorland, rocky tracks and public roads in the best - and worst - weather the Highlands of Scotland can throw at them! Each daily route is designed by the Clerk of the Course to challenge the ability, experience, strength and stamina of each rider. To ride 100 miles and negotiate 30 sections each day for six consecutive days requires strength, expertise and exceptional reliability from both rider and machine.

The Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) is mainly focused on the Lochaber area of Scotland, UK and is centred in the small highland town of Fort William. Each day of the trial starts and finishes at the West End Car Park on the waterfront, providing a major attraction and economic boost for the town.

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