• All users must have a valid ticket.
  • Tickets remain the property of the company - we reserve the right to refuse entry.
  • Risk to safety of others - Where in our opinion we believe that a person may be causing a risk to the safety or security of the site or impairing the enjoyment of others we reserve the right to remove that person's ticket and remove them from the premises.
  • It is prohibited to enter areas marked for staff only, or to deface, tamper or interfere with the companies property.
  • Senior price - relates to State Pension age, women 63 & men 65 (Updated Nov 2016)
  • Tickets are not transferable
  • Do not purchase tickets from anyone other than ticket office.


  • Snowsports is a risk - be sure you can accept the risk before buying a ticket.
  • Making more than one trip - a day pass is not valid for a 2nd trip through the turnstile. If you have a day ticket and wish to make more than 1 trip on the gondola, speak to the top gondola operator and get your hand stamped before making the trip down the gondola.


  • In all refund cases lift passes must be returned to ticket office

Gondola tickets

  • Gondola tickets are not refundable for any reason if the gondola trip has been taken, even if the time at the top has been curtailed by poor weather.

Snowsports - single or half day lift passes / equipment hire

  • Weather guarantee - not your type of weather? - Return your full or half day lift pass or equipment within 1 hour of purchase & receive an equivalent ticket for another day - valid until the end of next season.
  • The above does not apply for multi day, gondola, or discounted tickets.

Snowsports - half day tickets

  • Half day morning - return full day ticket before 1.15pm and we'll refund the difference between full and half day ticket
  • Half day afternoon - purchase after midday

Reduced price day tickets

  • Where services are severely curtailed, a reduced price day ticket may be offered at the point of purchase.
  • On these days, there are unlikely to be further refunds.
  • Ticket prices cover more than the cost of uplift, they include piste preparation, ski patrol, terrain park construction and avalanche control. 

Multi day - lift passes, lessons, equipment hire

  • Please note - Prices of multi day tickets / lessons / hire are already discounted and take into account that time may be lost due to snow conditions or inclement weather, e.g. you get 5 days for the price of 4 individual days.
  • Refunds apply - ONLY when weather or snow conditions have closed the ski area completely for a full day and not for other reasons.  It is the responsibility of the cusotmer to consider the conditions before purchasing a multi day service.
  • Refund amounts - based on the cost of the service actually received i.e. the difference between the price paid and the price had the lesser option been purchased. For example if you purchase a 4 day ticket and the ski area is open for 2.5 days you will be refunded the difference between a 3 and a 4 multi day ticket.
  • Making a refund claim - refunds can only be claimed on the final day of a multi day ticket or service, taking into account the conditions on that day. If you leave the area before the end of a ticket’s validity you can make a claim for a refund in writing (accompanied by lift pass and hire form).


  • Equipment hired can be taken to another snowsports area but you must inform Hire staff in advance. There is no refund for equipment taken off site if Nevis Range is closed.


Leashes are strongly recommended on snowboards and skis which do not have brakes fitted, and on any other sliding equipment which might cause injury if it runs away. Customers may be held liable for damage/injury caused by runaway equipment.

Almost every year at Nevis Range we have incidents involving runaway equipment. Serious injury to other people has occurred from such incidents. Like other Scottish ski areas we strongly recommend that leashes are used where brakes are not fitted to equipment. A long leash is recommended because (1) boards can be released from both bindings whilst remaining safely attached to the leg (short keyring leashes do not achieve this); (2) when equipment is carried the leash can remain attached to the leg or wrapped several times round the wrist to remain secure in the event of a slip; (3) equipment can be attached to secure points e.g. fences when not being used.


Customers must not ski or board through a closed sign. ‘Closed’ means ‘Closed’ and no-one should be going through a closed sign or under a ‘Closed Area’ rope on the ski area.

The Policy does not includes skiing runs which have no Closed Sign or Closed Area rope. This may be the case if, for example, Rabbit Run is closed as it is incomplete, but some skiers may be able to ski it and may choose to take this route down to the gondola top station.

The following will apply to Nevis Range customers who ignore signs and instruction on the mountain:

Day Ticket holders

  • 1st time - Verbal warning from a member of Nevis Range staff
  • 2nd time - Verbal warning from a member of Nevis Range staff
  • 3rd time - Day Ticket withdrawn

Season Ticket holders

  • 1st time – Verbal warning from a member of Nevis Range staff
  • 2nd time – Formal letter from Nevis Range
  • 3nd time – Season Ticket blocked and invitation to meeting to discuss way forward



Whilst on the slopes please follow the F.I.S. Code of Conduct at all times.

  1. Respect others: behave in such a way that you do not endanger others.
  2. Ski / snowboard in control: taking account of conditions, ability and terrain.
  3. Choose a safe route: take account of all mountain users around you.
  4. Overtaking: give the overtaken skier room to manoeuvre.
  5. Look both ways: when starting, entering a run or setting off after stopping, do so safely and look both ways.
  6. Stopping on the piste: avoid stopping in narrow places or where visibility is restricted. Always move to the side of the piste when you stop.
  7. Climbing and descending on foot: always keep to the side of the piste.
  8. Obey all signs and markers: they are posted for your safety, failure to do so may result in withdrawal of your ticket.
  9. At accidents: you are duty bound to assist.
  10. Witness: should you witness an accident it is your duty to assist with information.