Groups and Guides Transceiver Training Area


2015/16 Season Update - the Transceiver Park is not yet operational and we will post here once it is. Please call the office if you need more information.

Groups and Guides transceiver training area - located only 100m from the gondola top station, this area is for use by organised groups able to facilitate their own training.

Where and What

The Groups and Guides facility is a mainly flat area 100m from the top gondola station known locally as ‘Jeanies Patch’.  Four individual transmitting units can be switched on or off from a central control box.

How is the area different?

This area is slightly smaller and with less transmitting units than the main BCA sponsored transceiver park.  It also has no training information, hence is only for use by organised groups able to provide their own training.  As the area can be prone to variable or no snow cover each of the units and wiring has been buried just under the turf meaning that transceiver training is still possible regardless of snow cover.

What You Need To Know…

  • The battery ‘key’ - collectable from the ‘Top Station ‘ Gondola Operator.  A simple sign in sheet needs to be completed and a donation at this time is requested. 
  • Connect the battery to the switch box to become operational.
  • Any number of the four individual units can be switched on to create either simple or more complex multiple scenarios. Use your own transceivers to complete the search scenario. 
  • Return the battery after use.

A donation is requested for the use of the Park. Funds will be used for the continued provision and development of the Park and back country safety.


Each transmitting unit is under a 50cm square concrete pad which is buried under 5cm of turf. Probes will easily identify a strike of the concrete pad. Please do not dig and expose these pads.

Technical Assistance

If you require technical assistance please contact a member of the Nevis Range staff or alternatively phone the main office.

Training for established groups is also available, please get in touch.



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